Star Wars


Here is a Boba Fett in the Mega Man sprite style

Samurai Showdown


It’s Ukyo from the Neo Geo pocket version of the game!

Final Fantasy

Black Mage

The Black Mage from Final Fantasy

Punch Out


Here is Glass Joe from Punch Out. Over 8 feet tall and 1400 blocks of wood!


A Metroid!  Lookout!

Here is a Metroid from……Metroid. I like the open spaces in the middle and the green stain.


I kinda cheated here...there was no Contra character with green pants...but green stain is what I had so there you go...

Contra was one of the few co-op games on the NES. Everyone knows this one….everyone knows the code for more lives… One of my friends […]

Ninja Gaiden

Ryu climbing up a wall

Hiiiiyaaahhhh!!!! I was never very good at Ninja Gaiden for the NES. In fact, I was terrible at it, so I just watched my friends […]


Behold the mighty dragon!  The key is off to the right...good luck getting it with that dragon in the way....

The grandest of all Atari 2600 games! Adventure!!! The very first game to ever feature an Easter Egg by a (the) programmer… This game had […]

Excite Bike

The Excite Bike pixel art all by its lonesome

Excite Bike was one of the first complex pixel art pieces I tried. Multiple colors, lots of edges, some floating pixels...this one was quite a bit more difficult than the earlier ones like Space Invaders and Joust. I watched Indiana Jones on a loop as I cut the wood, stained it and glued it all together. I really enjoyed Excite Bike when I was younger, the feeling of speed as you would launch off a ramp or hit a turbo pad was unlike anything else at the time. This one reads really well from a distance and I dig the action of him being in the middle of a wheelie or a jump.