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Mega Man

Mega Man was one of the pieces I most wanted to make when I started work on the Space Invaders. At the time I thought “holy smokes, he is huge and complex….I’ll never make him”…fast forward a month or two and voila, Mega Man and Cut Man are locked in battle.

I think the Mega Man stuff looks especially nice as wood pixel art. They all have a nice black outline that makes them stand out from the wall. Each character has such great dynamic poses as well. I think I would be perfectly happy just trying to create each and every Mega Man boss as pixel art.

Cut Man

One of the Mega Man bosses...Cut Man!

Mega Man firing

Mega Man is firing upon an enemy!

One of my all time favorites...his pose is so iconic

Kristin is actually 24 feet tall, making this pixel art piece GIGANTIC!!!

Here is a smaller version of Mega Man...more wall friendly and a bit cheaper!

Cut Man. Look at that pose...looking pretty tough for someone in their underwear...

It's yours truly holding Cut Man. Hard not to contort your face when holding something made of pure awesome juice.

Mega Man and Cut Man up on the wall at work locked in eternal battle.

Maybe Lee is too excited for the Mega Man enemy? nahhhh...

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