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I knew that I wanted to make some pixel art pieces that featured one of the most beloved characters of all time but I was having a hard time deciding on which sprite. After some searching I decided to create the Raccoon Suit Mario in flight. He’s whimsical, he’s flying, he has a tail…it’s pretty much as good as it gets. After Mario was created I got the Mario 3 sprite bug! The sprites are so wonderful and full of memories that I started to do more pieces. The goomba was next, then the Boo (thanks to my friend Brendan for insisting I make it), then the question mark box and finally the 1UP mushroom. I think the dark outline of pixels makes the pieces really stand out when mounted on a wall. I found the green stain for the 1up mushroom at an unfinished furniture store and I think the green turned out great!

Like what you see? Want to buy one to make your home more delightful? Easy!

Email me
and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Thanks to my friends Ryan, Kristina, Aaron, Anet and Jake for modeling the various pieces!

Mario mural at Neversoft

Mario mural at Neversoft

a 1up mushroom held by my friend Kristina

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