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Excite Bike

Excite Bike was one of the first complex pixel art pieces I tried. Multiple colors, lots of edges, some floating pixels…this one was quite a bit more difficult than the earlier ones like Space Invaders and Joust. I watched Indiana Jones on a loop as I cut the wood, stained it and glued it all together. I really enjoyed Excite Bike when I was younger, the feeling of speed as you would launch off a ramp or hit a turbo pad was unlike anything else at the time. This one reads really well from a distance and I dig the action of him being in the middle of a wheelie or a jump.

Here is the Excite Bike piece up on a wall. The height and position makes it look like it's ready to jump across the hall!

You would be excited too if you were holding a sweet ExciteBike pixel art piece!

My friend Nick taking delivery of an ExciteBike for his home...

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