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The grandest of all Atari 2600 games! Adventure!!! The very first game to ever feature an Easter Egg by a (the) programmer… This game had it all…terrifying enemies, a dashing hero, a chalice and a sword that looks just like an arrow. My friend Kyle told me that I had to make him a dragon….so I did. This is the second set I made to hang up at work. It includes the Hero (the square), the sword, the TERRIFYING dragon and the key the Hero is searching for. I think it all turned out pretty good. The Hero is a little more square than I remember him being and that dragon is a lot scarier when you are a kid…

Behold the mighty dragon! The key is off to the right...good luck getting it with that dragon in the way....

The only thing missing is a bat....and a chalice......and a castle....

By popular demand...the Adventure BAT

The more complete set...Hero, Sword, Bat, Dragon, Chalice and Key

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