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Duck Hunt

The NES game Duck Hunt is an iconic game for a lot of people. Few can ever forget the site of that damned dog laughing at their inability to shoot a duck. The dog is mounted on a wall forever laughing at anyone that happens to waltz by.

I thought the dog laughing sprite was the most identifiable but had a harder time deciding on which duck sprites to chose. Eventually I settled on one bird in flight and one being hit. I think that there are enough different bird in flight poses that I could custom create a bird piece for any home or space. Color variants could include a black body and a green head like a mallard…that would look pretty nice I think.

When I first started creating wooden pixel art pieces I never imagined that I would create a Duck Hunt piece. The sprites are really large, there are multiple colors involved and they are just complex characters overall. I started making 1 inch square pixels for this piece. The dog is 770 individual pieces, the grass layer in front of him is around 350 pixels and each bird is right around the 300 count. Doing this piece has given me the confidence to tackle my largest project yet…Punch Out.

Rob is holding the Dog...

The Dog in front of his grass

That is one dead duck


This chap looks happy because he is holding a duck.

The majestic Duck Hunt Duck is taking flight!

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