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Ninja Gaiden

Hiiiiyaaahhhh!!!! I was never very good at Ninja Gaiden for the NES. In fact, I was terrible at it, so I just watched my friends play it. The piece here is of the hero of the game, Ryu, in his climbing animation. For this piece I used 3/4 inch squares for the pixels and I stained and sealed both sides so that I could mount the piece coming off the wall like you see. Being able to walk around the piece and see him attached to the wall (via hidden screws) makes it really seem like he is scaling the wall.

I have another Ninja Gaiden piece that I am going to be adding to the walls at work…Ryu in his run animation!

A wide shot showing how high Ryu has climbed. Maybe he is climbing to escape whatever the black box is covering!!! Climb!!!!!

another look at Ryu up on the wall. Look mom! No visible hanging hardware!!

That look on Rob's face is one of terror mixed with confusion...the stock and trade of a NINJA!

This sprite is so awesome...you really get a sense of motion and speed just from his pose! Mounted on a wall he looks great!

He really looks like he is running along the molding...

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