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Dig Dug Mural

Dig Dug ended up becoming the largest pixel art piece yet. My friend Jody at work insisted I create a Dig Dug piece….and so I did. I used 2.5 inch squares for the pixels and that made the completed pieces quite a bit larger than I had originally thought they would be. I think the finished pieces are actually bigger than Jody. Making the hose connecting the two was pretty tricky since most of the pieces are diagonal to each other.

Another view of all the pieces up on the wall. All are mounted about an inch off the wall including that pesky hose.

The bold hero of Dig Dug as held by Dave. Little known fact: holding a Dig Dug Hero inflates your own hose...

No wonder he's freaking out...that's a BIG Dig Dug enemy!!!

Duck Hunt Dog

A fabulous dog!

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